Hide & Go Seek With Scented Pods

It's in Every dog's nature

You Just Have To Teach It

Pitbull with backpack ready for adventurous.
All Breeds
Pure breed Australian shepherd ready to go have fun. The dog has a knapsack on this back
Friendly or Reserved
Old saint beard on an adventure.
All Ages

Primal instincts come alive when They

Follow Their Nose

A women and a dog out in the forest looking for hidden treasure
Into The Woods
German shepherd in a dog park looking for a pod
Park Adventures
Dog and a man outside of Chicago sniffing a car for hidden treasure
The Urban Escape

Once They Learn It, They Never Forget It

Feel Free To Skip Months

Easy Learning Curve
Multiple Puzzles In One
Impulse Control

Become Part Of Our Pack

Our adventurers Are

Hound dog being obedient
A bull dog with a coy boy hat on. His ears are poking through.
Big great Dane around other people
A man and a dog on a beach looking for treasure

What Customers Say

My hound dog has so much energy I hate walking her. She pulls and howls at everything. Geo-Sniffing made those bad behaviors go away.
We visit with family alot. So we needed to keep Harry occupied so when we leave he is tired. Geo-Sniffing inside was an easy fix for that.
Luna was a crazy covid puppy. We couldn't do anything outside. Geo-Sniffing took less than a week to train and exhausted her for hours.
My Aussie needs attention every hour. Geo-Sniffing gave me a few hours to myself.
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