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A Quick Way To DIY Geo-Sniffing!

a mason jar with paw prints on it.

Jar & Q-Tips

The jar should have a sealable lid with a gasket on the rim.

Cut Q-tips into two pieces using either scissors or your dog’s nail clippers. You can make them as long as you the straws you cut. Place a jar underneath to collect the pieces.

Birch Or Any Other Essential Oil

Geo-Sniffing uses birch essential oil, but you can also use Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Ginger, Rosemary, Vanilla, or other oils as alternatives.

a glass blown in the shape of the dog. This glass is in the shape of a sand clock. There is sand inside the glass because it is a sand clock

Seal The Jar & Wait

Place several cut Q-Tips into the jar, add 3-5 drops of oil and seal the jar. Let the Q-tips and essential oil marinate for 3 days.

dollar store straws colorful cut into one inch pieces

Straws & Playing The Game

Cut one straw into quarters using scissors. Insert the cotton into the straw.  Follow the rules according to game play When finished playing discard the Q-tip and keep the straw. Replace the worn straw with a backup when needed.


Light blub with a dog shaped filament

A few drops For Indoor hides.

Indoors, scents can become overwhelming. If you can detect the scent easily, your dog will perceive it much stronger. Even if you can only faintly smell it, it’s still quite potent for them.

Light blub with a dog shaped filament

Use Your dog's nail clippers

When clipping Q-Tips, using your dog’s nail clippers allows you to clip more than five at a time easily. The only issue is that they tend to fly everywhere. Use something underneath to catch them.

Light blub with a dog shaped filament

Painters tape Works Magic

Using painters tape works great to seal the jar. It effectively seals in the smell and can be easily reapplied

Light blub with a dog shaped filament

Use double-sided tape to attach the straw

If you want to hide the scent under counters or cars, use double-sided tape. This method is also effective for elevated hides.

Light blub with a dog shaped filament

Accessible Hides Are Important ​

Nooks and crannies are great for challenging your dog. Ensure they are accessible with relative ease for you and your dog to reach.

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